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River Terrace did a great job in taking care of my sister. She used to get a lot of help because she's unable to take care of herself. The director of nursing helped her a lot by recommending her to be in a rehab. She had been with so much anti-depressants. She was in rehab for 2 weeks, and now she's back with River Terrace and she's doing really well. She does things on her own now -- like do her laundry and manage her medicine.
Testimonial from Sister of resident
River Terrace Health Care is a wonderful place! Ed absolutely loved the attention and caring he received from the River Terrace staff. There wasn't an occasion when he would tell me how much he loved living at River Terrace. R allowed my Dad to use an unoccupied apartment to run his model trains. This was to great amusement for the residents. Compassion and Caring is truly what stands River Terrace Estates apart. We lost my Dad in May/2014 at 92. His last years in River Terrace were in all honesty his happiest. Amen.
Testimonial from Son of Assisted Living Resident November 2014
My mother is a current resident in the Assisted Living portion of River Terrace. The facilities are well kept and the staff is very attentive. We were also impressed with the variety of activities for all the residents to participate. We generally visit on the weekends and have yet to see a weekend where there was not some type of entertainment or activity for the residents to participate.
Testimonial from Daughter of resident
It took us some time to finally make the decision for my mother to move into any assisted living place. My mother was comfortable living in between family members in her own place. However she started feeling more lonely and afraid at night. Once in a while she would forget things but also fell a couple of times. The few weeks prior to her move was tearful, stressful, and questioning whether we had made the right decision. Since the move to River Terrace my mother has seemed happier. She has help and support by the caring staff as needed. It is not home but seems to be the next best thing.
Testimonial from Ron B.
Country Club style living in lush surroundings of the grounds to finely furnished facility with the best health care assistance every imagined by our family for our mother, who was an original resident. Her care was so wide based and administered thorough that our mother lived to be well pasted her 100th birthday. The staff kept aware of her every need communicating with our family so that no health conditions or personality changes were glossed over nor ignored. The staff always had her best interests in mind with all of her care relieving our family of stress in her daily care that would have been extremely difficult for us to handle. We will always recommend River Terrace to anyone in doubt about a proper facility for their loved one.
Testimonial from Children of resident
My grandmother has always been a very independent person. As she required more care, the decision was very easy. There is no other place we would rather have her be. She has all of the help and support she needs, and gets to maintain the level of independence that has always been so important to her. The staff are so caring and always willing to help. She only wishes now she hadn't waited so long to make the move to Assisted Living.
Testimonial from Granddaughter of resident
I moved here with my husband - sold our home. He died in 2005 so I stayed here in independent living, then in August 2014, I had a heart attack - surprise to me too. I was dismissed on Aug 29 after 2 stints in my heart. I got to move into Assisted Living here, they have taken very good care of me. I have 3 meals a day. It's so clean and it smells good. Great place to be.
Testimonial from Independent Living and Rehab Resident